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Thank you all for coming and participating in the conference! Hope to see you again!

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Conference participants

The main goal of the Theory Meeting Experiment symposium is to provide an effective discussion panel for experimental and theoretical physicists which may help to develop a consolidated strategy of their research. The TMEX 2014 symposium focuses on neutrino physics and will cover the following subjects: latest experimental results on neutrino oscillations, mass hierarchy and CP violation, searches for neutrinos of cosmic origin (including neutrinos from dark matter annihilation), description of neutrino interactions,  global strategy and goals for the next generation of neutrino experiments.

The symposium is going to be held in Warsaw on September 3-5, 2014. It is organized jointly by the National Centre for Nuclear Research (NCBJ) and the Departament of Physics of the University of Warsaw (UW).

The list of confirmed speakers includes: Sergio Bertolucci, Samoil Bilenky, Marek Demiański, Walter Grimus, Boris Kayser, Joanna Kiryluk, Takashi Kobayashi, Manfred Lindner, Juan M. Nieves, Stephen Parke, Federico Sanchez, Kate Scholberg, Thomas Schwetz, Michael Smy, Roger Wendell.

Please register here. We encourage all the registrants to present their work in a form of a talk (15+5 min) or a poster. You can submit an abstract during your registration or later.

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